Lemme scratch that.

when there is random porn on my dash I know my best friend is online.


Buncha japanese volumes from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

There we go~

Thanks for coming to the join me session! Will do more tomorrow if I can.

When there’s suddenly butts on my dash I know my friend is online.

9, 19, and 25!

9.How much time do you spend drawing on an average day?

Not enough. It really depends on how my day goes. If I’m not dying between 2 jobs probably 4 to 6 hours. Although I try to at lease doodle something everyday.

19.What is the most difficult thing for you to draw?

Probably well executed back grounds. I hate back grounds. Makes me wanna bang my head against the table all the time.

25.Do you like to draw in silence, or with music?

With music. Music is always my inspiration when I’m drawing. Depending on the mood and what I’m drawing I switch songs like crazy or listen to the one song over and over again yeah….nooo I’m not crazy. I think.

2, 7, 10, 30!

2.How long have you been drawing?

Since I was 11.

7.How often do you use references?

Not too often….define reference. I only use it if its absolutely necessary.

10.Are you confident about your art?

Not really…..still think I need to do better.

30.What inspires you to not just make art, but to be a better artist?

Other artists out there. The way they do things are way too cooler then what I do, and I look up to people like them who can “pull it off”. Its kind of hard to put it in words….

Artist Asks!


  1. Do you prefer traditional drawing, or digital?
  2. How long have you been drawing?
  3. How many classes have you taken?
  4. Do you have a deviantArt, personal website, or art blog?
  5. What’s your favorite thing to draw?
  6. What’s your least favorite thing to draw?
  7. How often do you use references?
  8. Do you draw professionally, or just for fun?
  9. How much time do you spend drawing on an average day?
  10. Are you confident about your art?
  11. How many art-related blogs do you follow?
  12. Is it okay for people to ask you about your process?
  13. Do you prefer to keep your art personal, or do you like drawing things for other people?
  14. Do you ever collaborate with others?
  15. How long does an average piece take you to complete?
  16. Do you draw more today than you did in the past, or do you draw less?
  17. Do you think you’re justified in giving other people art advice?
  18. What are you currently trying to improve on?
  19. What is the most difficult thing for you to draw?
  20. What is the easiest thing for you to draw?
  21. Do you like to challenge yourself?
  22. Are you confident that you’re improving steadily?
  23. Do you draw more fanart, or more original art?
  24. Do you feel jealous when you see other people’s art, or inspired? (Be honest!)
  25. Do you like to draw in silence, or with music?
  26. For digital artists: what program(s) do you use?
  27. For digital artists: how many layers does a typical piece require?
  28. For traditional artists: what medium do you like most? (Pencil, charcoals, etc.)
  29. For traditional artists: How do you usually start on a big piece? (Light sketch, colored lead, sketchpaper, etc.).
  30. What inspires you to not just make art, but to be a better artist?
I ship you with ______!


Professional or not, no matter what art style, I wanna see how many artists are out there.

everyone’s reaction to SnK 59





So while waiting for my copy of the noragami 11 with the ODA to arrive I went to go watch it anyways.




By: CiCi


being friends with good artists is very inspiring and soul crushing


Day 1 of Anime Zing! I went as Pinkie Pie with my lovely friend as Pinkamena and boyfriend as Bubbleberry~ We had such a blast giving out cupcakes and being ponies! Heehee. <333  

KAAY just throwing out the whole beauty and the bleh part, I am the pinkiepie with the strait hair. *walks away*

perhaps-gingersnaps replied to your post: perhaps-gingersnaps replied to your p…

You can dooo ittt!!! But yeah, I’d really like to try to get into next years. I don’t know how difficult it is though! You should also try ACen next year! WE NEED TO MEET UP CONSTANTLY.

I think I’ll try ACen for sure, I always wanted to go to ACen that’s probably going to be my goal for next year…I heard its really hard to get a table at AX…I shall keep an eye out for opportunities !!!!!!! ;;;w;;;`

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