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Ilu watatoLemme know when I can throw money at you :)


Commission update.

I have finished few, I just haven’t scanned it/photo it yet but once I get to do that you will receive an e-mail from me.

I am working on sketch commissions between breaks on my 2 jobs I have. And unless I do get a day off and actually have time to draw these are the only times I will be working on sketch commissions. I hope you understand.

To me, commissions are the same as jobs. I have the right mind set while I’m at my jobs so I work on them there. Its a mental thing and I am so sorry.I get 30 min brake and a 20-25 min break. And maybe an hour between jobs depending on if I have to eat/ go take care of business.

So if you don’t hear from me, I’m sorry…but I am working as much as I can, so bare with me. At home with my half broken tablet, I kinda just doodle. I haven’t actually drew a finished piece in a long time. I haven’t had time to do so at all. Even the print I wanted to bring to convention. Guess what? Unfinished. So ya.

Once I’m finished with my commission you will hear from me via e-mail with the final product scanned and photographed. So until then, just softly brush me away from your memories…

I do wish I can draw faster to satisfy everyone and myself but atm I suck at doing anything so……


I have no such things…? Thank you//////// It makes my heart go doki doki//////

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you did such an amazing job! I love this!!!

Thank you senpai////////

i have found the jackpot to the beautiful arts (⌒▽⌒)☆彡


"Stop it, brother"

yeeee good I made it.

Crappy hour drawing for him. I see my last year’s drawing is floating around but I wanted to do something for him this year too….

Do you think you could do a drawing of Yato proposing to Yukine or something similar? >.< I don't even know if it's okay to ask you draw stuff or make requests or whatever but if you happen to feel like it or something then that would be cool!!

I don’t mind people asking me to draw something but atm I’m doing commissions only. BUT! I’m also doing a color meme requests too so if you can pick a number between 1~18 I’ll be more then happy to draw that! Imeanwhynotlolotp


returning to a drawing after hours/days of not touching the canvas


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Correction: Random porn, butts, and Deadpool. You love me. ; ]

I do love you.

Lemme scratch that.

when there is random porn on my dash I know my best friend is online.


Buncha japanese volumes from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

There we go~

Thanks for coming to the join me session! Will do more tomorrow if I can.

When there’s suddenly butts on my dash I know my friend is online.

9, 19, and 25!

9.How much time do you spend drawing on an average day?

Not enough. It really depends on how my day goes. If I’m not dying between 2 jobs probably 4 to 6 hours. Although I try to at lease doodle something everyday.

19.What is the most difficult thing for you to draw?

Probably well executed back grounds. I hate back grounds. Makes me wanna bang my head against the table all the time.

25.Do you like to draw in silence, or with music?

With music. Music is always my inspiration when I’m drawing. Depending on the mood and what I’m drawing I switch songs like crazy or listen to the one song over and over again yeah….nooo I’m not crazy. I think.

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